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Lady Sundown

Lady Sundown
July 2011

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BOOK I of the Danner Quartet

New York Times bestselling author Nancy Bush delivers a rollicking turn-of-the-century quartet of tales set in the town of Rock Springs, Oregon.  Book I, LADY SUNDOWN, begins the saga with beautiful and reckless Lexie Danner who is determined to claim the shining promise of her future. Not for her the stifling confines of an elegant finishing school – she will fulfill her dream to be an animal doctor, and wed whomever she pleases!  And she’ll let no one stop her – least of all her so-called stepbrother Tremaine. Related to Lexie through marriage only and her enemy since childhood, the rugged, boldly confident young doctor sparks a fierce anger in her – and to her surprise, newly-awakened desire.

Then a scheming land baron and a powerful, vengeful enemy from the past threaten to destroy all Lexie and Tremaine cherish. Now they must join forces and fight for their lives – and a love as blazing and eternal as the boundless mountain skies . . .