ONE LAST BREATH by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush
(Zebra MM/May 2018/978-1-4201-3613-5)

Vandalism aimed at the Bastian’s business, simmering family quarrels, and additional murders thicken the byzantine brew, obscuring the true villain until the breathless finale.
Publishers Weekly  

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“Bush unceremoniously drops readers right into a nail-biting mystery filled with murder, intrigue, and mounting body counts. Her decisive and descriptive dialogue vividly depicts the ruggedly beautiful Pacific Northwest setting and gives her audience a bird’s-eye view of this chilling story. The outstanding characters, the second-chance romance, and the didn’t-see-that-coming ending makes this a real page-turner.
RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars


Recently we lost The Binkster whom I featured in the Jane Kelly Mystery series. We’re heartbroken, of course, as she was the best dog ever for fourteen years. RIP, Binky.